Family Photos

Your Family as a Work of Art

Those little dimply hands, all the smilies with missing teeth, the way they still want to be held, those moments you cannot bear to forget, are the moments I live for. Yes, sometimes it’s sleepless nights and spaghetti-stained faces buried in your clothes right before you walk out the door, but it’s these little people in your life that you cherish with all of your being! Yes, life can be messy, but I want you to know that you can still get the photos of your family you’ve been dreaming of and still have fun doing it. Now, every single time you look back on those portraits, you can hit the instant-replay button on your family any time you want.

What to Expect

For Your Family Photo Session

First Things First

From the very first step to the last, it’s very important to me that your experience is an excellent one! I pride myself in taking care of my clients well–in prompt communication, during the booking process, at your photo session and for photo delivery. I want your experience with me to be easy for you and as thoughtful as possible!

Your Photo Session

Whether you’re looking to schedule extended family portraits or just for your little tribe, we’ll work together to discuss the perfect location for you. I have lots of ideas! Whether you want an urban feel or you want to go kayaking, we’ll find a location that speaks to you as a family. Because it’s a big deal to get your family ready for a photo session, you can expect that I’ll come prepared with lots of ideas!

What to Wear

After the booking process is completed, I’ll send along a style guide so you’ll have guidance on how to dress the family so you’ll be coordinated and looking good. And it doesn’t end there… I’m here for advice if you need a second opinion!

You Don’t Need to Be a Model

I’m going to help direct and prompt you every step of the way. You do not need to practice posing or anything! And because families are all so different, we will go over anything I should be aware of before we start that way everyone is as comfortable as possible!

It’s Time to See Your Portraits!

One of my very favorite things is when I get to deliver your gallery! After two to three weeks you’ll receive a custom slideshow of all your images, an online gallery where you can download all of your photos and a credit towards any print item in the store.
Get the tissues ready!

A Few of My Favorite Family Photos

Ready to capture your next big milestone ‒ or some of the priceless moments in between?

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