This wedding in Hunt, TX for Aryn and Colton was one for the books!  It started out very rainy and we weren’t quite sure how/where portraits would take place.  BUT as if on cue, as soon as it was time for bridal portraits and bridal party portraits, the rain cleared out and the sun shined the rest of the day!  What a FUN and beautiful wedding.  We were even so blessed to be photographing the wedding!  It was a blast and I couldn’t be happier with the way their photo gallery came together!  Aryn is a dancer and she even found the energy at the end of the night to perform an impromptu dance for everyone!  All eyes were locked in and all jaws were dropped!  This wedding was full of surprises, and only the good ones ;). Aryn and Colton are such a sweet couple and clearly made for each other.  Cheers to you and many many many more years together!


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